The land of spuds

This last weekend we loaded up the old mini-van and traveled to the land of potatoes. Jeremy's brother has a daughter that is just older than Tess and we haven't met her yet (insert blushing emoticon here) and we thought it was about time.

We left at 5:00pm and arrived shortly after 10:00pm so we were too late to see the cousins last night. However the next morning it was all fun and games with the kids. My sister-in-law is an amazing hostess and made us feel so completely at home. I absolutely adore her.

We were only there for a full day (thanks to being self-employed) and two nights, so we crammed as much in as we could.

First we visited a local children's discovery place. I don't remember what it's name really was, but I think it was Discovery Place.

We learned about laws of motion.

And how to make some awesome shadow animals. Dude, I think something is wrong with your dog, er, horse, er, duck.

We learned a great way to keep Sophie from putting gross museum things in her mouth. Anyone know where I can buy one of those for my house?

Tess showed off her great shopping skills that she has learned from shopping with me at our local grocery store. They have these cute little carts (at our local grocery store) that the kids push around. She always gets one and she makes sure she only puts healthy things in it. Seriously. She says she has to keep us healthy. Good girl!

These two played SO cute together. Baby L taught Sophie how to get from point A to point B. We LOVE baby L!!!
After the discovery place, the older kids and the brother's went to see "Space Chimps" while the sister-in-laws came home to milk some babies and have some much needed girl talk.
We made some super yummy sammies for dinner and headed to the park to play.

See this boy? I LOVE this boy! He is so the type of boy that you want your daughters to marry. Too bad mine are related to him. He is SO sweet and kind and smart and genuinely good. Oh, I just LOVE him!

And this girl? Pure sunshine! She is brilliant. She picks up language like no one's business. I LOVED listening to her talk. And I love that she let me play with her hair.

That night we stayed up late and had grown-up conversations. I love talking to this couple. They are so smart and so in-tune to things.
We were super sad when it was time to leave the next morning. Sophie graduated from her infant seat right after this road-trip, thanks to 3 hours of uncomfortable moaning. But before she did, she had to impress us with her amazing stretchy skills.

We stopped at Shoshone Falls and ate Subway. It was SO pretty and peaceful. My girls loved it and have declared it a new tradition every time we drive home from visiting their cousins.

Thanks for letting us come and visit J squared! We love you and we miss you already!!!


Bilary said...

What a fun trip. Will you ask them if one of my girls can marry their son - pretty please? :)

And there's nothing like staying up late with awesome relatives for some gool ol' grown up talk!

Glad you had fun and that you were safe! But where's the pics of your brother and sister in law? Dang, I really wanted to see them! They have adorable kids!

Oh, and that face that Jeremy is pulling while making his shadow puppet - HILARIOUS! He is totally pulling his "I am concentrating as hard as I can to get this perfect" face. :)

taffi said...

That would be the Discovery Center, and it is a seriously fun place - except when you're a parent helper for a kindergarten field trip, and you are one of four schools touring that day. But I digress... glad you guys enjoyed it!

Ashley said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I love the picture with the cone around the babies neck. That made me laugh. I could totally use one!

kris said...

So fun! I miss those guys.

daiseymae said...

Looks like you had a great time.

That museum reminded me of one we took our girsl to years ago in salt lake. I wonder if it's still there? I had forgotten all about it until I saw those pictures.

Where we went they also had a mirror room, you would stand by this wall and the mirror would reflect one side of your body twice so you could lift that leg, (balancing on the other of course) but it would look like both of your legs were high in the air. Mike was especially facinated by that one.

We have a picture of Bailee as a two year old climbing the shelves in the little store to get the food on the top to put in her cart.

Such good memories!