7 Months

Squishy (I still call her that) at 7 mos:

*Feels things with the back of her hand. When she nurses, she turns her hand upside down and rubs my neck. She also rubs her blankets and the carpet with the back of her hand.

*Rolls to get where she wants.

*FINALLY sleeps through the night.

*Sucks on her big toe.

*Has all of a sudden developed an aversion to any fruit or cereal. She only likes her orange veggies.

*Is a gagger. Anything bigger than a grain of rice makes her spew. Sound familiar mom?

*Is completely content to lie on the floor and play for hours.

*Is a watcher. She doesn't talk a lot these days. She observes.

*She loves the tub. I start the water and she reaches and squirms to get in.

*She loves to be outside, in her stroller, on a blanket, whatever. She loves the sun.

*She finally likes her car seat.

*She takes two two-hour naps a day and one 1/2 hour nap.

*She loves feeling men's faces.

*She loves textures.

*She will grab your face. Anyone's face. It's how she says hello.

*She bites me to let me know she is done nursing. We are hoping it's a phase.

*She loves toys.

*She has a round bottom and will try to sit, but that bottom makes her fall right over.

*She has started to pull herself along with her arms. Not quite Army man yet...but close.

*She likes her daddy to hold her up to the piano while she pounds on it. Mommy's keyboard too.

*Laughs at everything. She is a happy, happy girl.


daiseymae said...

Oh what a beautiful baby! It almost makes me hungry for more.

My Full Hands said...

What a sweetie. Loved all the pictures, esp the first one where you caught her mid, drool. Ah the life of a seven month old!

utmommy said...

What a cutie! Why must they grow up so fast?

ellen said...

Hats and drool; the perfect combo!

Taryn said...

I found your site through your hair site, which I love by the way, and I love the progression of pictures you have of your baby. She is adorable. Thanks for sharing your ideas and talents with all of us.

Bilary said...

She is so sweet! Just wait, before you know it she will be sitting in that chair on her boyfriend's lap! Okay, maybe not, but she is just growing up way too fast!

LOVE the hat and drool! So sweet! i think you should make that one black and white and frame it!

sunshine14 said...

You are such a great photographer!!! I love the pictures! She is such a cute baby!

Shannon said...

Happy 7 Months Squishy! I can hardly believe she is already 7 months old. Time FLIES!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What a sweetheart baby! She sounds so perfect and wonderful to be around. I love those first two photos. I've never seen that side of her. She is always laughing or smiling big in all the other photos I see. Dollbaby. That is all.

Miyazaki said...

Great pictures, you are so talented at photography. I loved your tribute to our newest baby!

Ashley said...

What is it with babies and sucking on their feet? It's so funny.

She is really cute. She will be crawling in no time. Mine has no interest at all!

Alice said...

She is so cute Blackeyed Sue. I love their obsession with their feet. Congrats on your full night of sleep ;)


She is so cute....

Laurie said...

She is just growing up so fast. She may be 2-3 before I will ever get to see her in person.

It is a great thing, these blogs!