Hair Yesterday...Gone Today

There are somethings in life that I just don't like. Beets, mosquitoes, slingbacks, mom jeans, men in speedos, tennis shoes with tights and stringy kid hair.

Which Spunky has had. She wanted so badly to have hair like Rapunzel. Unfortunately, the kid inherited my stick straight, baby fine hair. When she was little, I kept it in a cute, short bob that looked just darling on her. When she was old enough to express her opinion and let me know EVERYTHING she was thinking, she would no longer let me cut her hair.

And so it grew. Much to my chagrin.

She loves everything princess. EVERYTHING. Do you realize that NONE of the Disney princesses have short hair. Which makes life difficult for the moms of the hair impaired. Ugh! About a month and a half ago, she brought up her birthday party. She wants a Tinkerbell birthday party. A-HA! Light bulb moment! TINKERBELL has short hair! So after six weeks of talking about how much I love Tinkerbells short hair, SOMEONE wanted her hair cut short! Woot!



It looks SO much better. So much thicker and I am SO much happier!

Then we moved on to Squishy....
...or should I call her slick...or baldy.


Amber said...

I'm not a fan of stringy kid hair either. I love bobs on little girls!

Bilary said...

Stinkin cute girls! I love the bald spot. The pediatrician can never accuse you of letting her sleep on her tummy:)

LovingTheChaos said...

I too am a member of the hair impaired daughter club. Bug has thin, fine hair that looks much better short as well. Luckily she has some curl (which is a whole other issue). Well...I finally convinced her to let me cut her hair one more time before school gets out and then she can grow it out all Summer! ;)

I may use the Tinkerbell angle next year for school! :)

utmommy said...

M had stringy hair too. I loved it once it was cut, and it's stayed short since.

Hers looks great. I love it:)

Mattsmom said...

LOVE it! As I read I feared that you really gave her the "Tinker Belle" cut! Pixie is adorable... but I LOVE what you do with your girls hair!

Squishy's bald spot makes me giggle. She just needs a BIG head band!

Alice said...

I too love that little bob. Thank you Tinker Belle :)

Gotta love that bald spot ;)

Too cute

Loni said...

I am so glad that you posted this. Alexis has long, thick hair, but she won't ever let me do anything with it. She doesn't even like bows (and yet somehow she is a super girly-girl). So we decided that we are going to get it cut (similar to Spunkys) this summer. Spunky's hair looks GREAT and now I am more excited than ever to get Alexis' hair cut in a similar style!

The Rookie said...

Halleluia Tink! I think there is little else quite so cute as a little girl with a bob haircut.

Jane said...

I am in the same boat!! Alyson will not let me cut her hair anymore either, she wants it long. She has always had the cutest bob, now she has stringy fine hair.

Maybe I need tinks help here too.

kris said...

So cute!