Easter 2008

We have done massive amounts of hunting this year. Egg hunting. Three egg hunts in one weekend=Crazy fun! DH and I don't like the public egg hunts. Every year they get a bit more insane. Parents running around and taking over and making it hard for all of the kids. It's nuts. I don't like them and my kids will probably never go to one. Good thing they have fun grandparents who adore them and make it a fun and QUIET (sort of) tradition.

We had our very own Easter Bunny at our house this year. Complete with bunny slippers. Awwwww!!!

My sister lives on what could be called a farm. If you count a pasture and two goats and a dog that climbs trees a farm. Anyways, it is clear out in the middle of nowhere, and my kids LOVE it. She has climbing trees, a spiral staircase, those goats and a doggie door that they can fit through. They think it is great fun to go in and out of the house that way. I just can't think about it. My mom and sister set up this egg hunt and a gianormous Easter BBQ (thanks ladies). This little Monkey doesn't like the grass. So her mom held her. She just threw the eggs this year anyways. Next year will be different I am sure.

Spunky and "Lassie". Spunky has this connection with dogs. They adore her and she in turn, adores them. And when I say adore, they follow her around like the Pied Piper. Almost every picture I have of Spunky from this egg hunt has "Lassie" in it. I find it absolutely charming. One day when she has puppies, we are going to get one and pray like mad that it is just like "Lassie", with the exception of climbing the tree and jumping off to get out of the back yard.

My aunt came with her kids. Her kids are on the young side of my cousins. I am the oldest of somewhere in the ball park of 35 grand kids and several of my cousins are the same age as my oldest and middle girls. Some of them showed up to play. This is Ally and Isaac and the Princess. They were courageous enough to brave the brush for eggs.

How cute is this. On Friday the women in my family went out to lunch (with the addition of one man-folk, Little Buckaroo, but he is a baby so he can come). The Princess went up to my Grandma and said "Grandma, my two favorite candies in the WHOLE world are my Grandma's caramels and your peanut brittle." The next day, my Grandma came to the BBQ with a container of freshly made peanut brittle just for the Princess. Have I mentioned how amazingly incredible and wonderful my family is?
We were gabbing in my sister's living room and we were kidding about putting her baby in an Easter Basket. So when my sister's back was turned, we actually put him in an Easter Basket. But isn't that picture priceless?

Finally I was able to pry the kids from the dog door and we came home to dye eggs.
The next morning the had to find them.

And of course the Easter Bunny himself (or herself, whichever school of thought you belong to. I choose "him" because there is enough estrogen in this house) came to visit.

And he brought them MP3 players. We have now lost our children.

Gotta love bed head, I love Christmas and Easter pictures. They are so real with the crazy early morning hair.

Each Easter we receive new dresses. Here is Spunky...
The Princess...
And Squishy.

And us too.
After we went to church and discussed the actual meaning of Easter and why it is so lovely and fresh and new, we went to my in-laws home.

Squishy played with Tiger. They love each other. They held hands and talked. They did this all through church today too. I think they were talking about Heaven and the havoc they caused up there. They are 30 hours apart you know.

We had our token melt down. It just isn't a holiday without one. She gets it from her mother. She was sad because she didn't get five eggs. Count in that basket please. Tell her that there are nine eggs. I tried. She wouldn't listen to me.

Princess and her goof-ball cousin, Ann-Marie. These two feed off each other. I love it. They giggle and laugh and act just like little girls should.

All of the little girl cousins that participate in the egg hunt. You know that song "Little Girls" that Mrs. Hannigin sings in "Annie". It kept running through my head.

Awww. Sweet Spunky was the only one that would share her spoils from the egg hunt with her grandma.
And there are those two goofballs again. They were sick of the camera. I wonder why?
Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

What a fun Easter!! I love the bed head and all the new dresses. I love that you had a real Easter bunny too. Squishy is so cute!

michelle said...

Looks like a great easter! Glad you had a great one!

Laurie said...

Cute as always! Glad that you all had a wonderful Easter. I bought the same dress for Londynn that you have on the Spunky One.

Paula said...

I love all those pictures. That is what makes it all fun. Being with the ones you love....family.

Alice said...

What a fun weekend! The girls look darling in their new dresses.

by the way, love your new hair cut! ;)

Cowboy and Indian said...

Cute easter outfits!! I'm glad your family had a good easter!

Chel said...

That looks like a very Happy Easter and the girls (of course) look ADORABLE.
I'm so glad you had a nice day. Your efforts to make your family's life memorable and enjoyable are beyond measure. Way to go!

Bilary said...

Your family is adorable! I love your family picture on the porch. So cute!

And the meltdown - fabulous! It is always good to see another kid having meltdowns besides mine.

Ashley said...

I love the dresses! Sounds like you had an exciting day.

I have a Nikon D50 SLR. I got it about 2 years ago. I still don't know how to do a ton on it. I use the automatic setting a lot! :)

Amy said...

You have such a cute family! I love the picture of you all on the front steps.

Linemoren said...

Cuteness Cuteness Cuteness!!!! Lovely pictures, just wonderful!

Mattsmom said...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! LOVE the new dresses! I have to tell you...I told a couple of my SIL's about your hair blog...and they check it every day to pick the hairstyle of the day for their daughters! YOU are the hair queen! THANKS!

SweetPea said...

What a fun Easter you had! Love all the pics, and your girls are adorable!!

Jane said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! All 3 of them are just cute! And you are looking pretty cute yourself.

It looks like a fun easter. I miss not going to grandma for the easter egg hunt. (sniff)

Thanks for sharing the cuteness!

Amber said...

Great pictures! Looks like a great Easter for you guys. I'm loving the hand-holding picture with the babies.

Jamie said...

My oldest daughter wouldn't walk in grass until she was almost 3. I loved the Easter baby picture!