Shower Stories

Now that baby sister has posted all about her baby on her blog, I can take a turn.

She was a tough one, that Indian. She came almost directly from the hospital to my house for her baby shower. We so nicely ushered baby's daddy and the lil' buckaroo up to my bedroom to stay away from the sickie germs (and there were some sickie germs here that day).

Now, just so you know, everyone in my family has a severe aversion to shower games...everyone except for the Indian. Since she had the little guy early, in lieu of games we had her tell her birth story instead (because come on, as women isn't that what we really want to do is have a pissing match on who has the best birth stories? It is what essentially defines us as mothers, don't you agree?).

Of course, it isn't a shower without food, right? Check out that spread.

My firstborn took it upon herself to write labels for the food. Besides the new baby and all of the gifts, that was probably the cutest thing there.

Appropriate for a boy, eh?

It has been a prolific year for babies in our family, wouldn't you agree middle sister and cousin Jamie? That is my sweet niece Em and Jamie's daughter who is half Fillapino. Fillapino's make beautful babies, don't you think?

Oh, and there were even a few blogging gals there.

From left to right, Indian, me, Alice and Rookie.

Presents? Did someone say presents? Holy cow there were presents!

Our "Favorite Aunt Pattie" made those for her baby. The woman is talented.

"Don't come near my baby with a cough!!!" She weilded that knife like a pro!

Could there have been a more appropriate gift for my sister's baby? I think not.

All I can say is the sooner she realizes that, the better.

Welcome to the world lil' buckaroo! Cowboy and Indian, you did great!


Now, it just wouldn't be complete without at least one Spunky funny. On Friday I had the three princesses in the car running countless amounts of errands for the shower. The head Princess was telling me a story about what she learned at school. And for a bit of background, it was just the Chinese New Year.

"Mom." she said "Did you know that it is the year of the rat? That means anyone who is born this year is a rat. Hey, little buckaroo (substitute his real name here) is a rat. "

The next day when the shower was coming to an end, the Spunky one somehow made it past security and got a peek at the baby.

She came running down the stairs at full Spunky speed and yelled "MOM, MOM!!! COME SEE!!! LITTLE BUCKAROO (only substitute his real name here)ISN'T A RAT! SHE'S A BABY!"

Not only is she confused about human breeding, we have to worry about gender identification as well. See what you are in for little sis?

But it is one fun ride!


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute! Looks like a fun party. I am glad the lil' buckaroo is not a rat. That is too funny.

Bilary said...

WAHOO!!! I'm the first comment. I never make it here first!

You did a dang fine job on the shower. You didn't tell me about the food labels. "Nut bags" - holy cow! That name just might stick just like chinhead, you know. I am still laughing over that one. And it is even funnier that she didn't know what she was writing.

You are an awesome sister to throw such a nice shower for your sister. I'm sure she appreciated it.

As for the little buckaroo - he is darling. So tiny! You forget how little they are.

And, one more thing, if you all were swapping childbirth or pregnancy stories, yours takes the cake ALWAYS. I don't know anyone who had such a hellish pregnancy. You can always top other people's stories with yours!

You're awesome!!!

Bilary said...

Crap, I shouldn't have typed for so long. I didn't get first comment. I'll try next tme!!!

JD said...

OH man now that baby hunger is setting in. I am normally prego by now. Dude this is killing me I love the booties!! and hat!!

Heidi said...

Your sister looks incredible!! I can't believe she was up to coming. It looks like a fun time was had by all. Hope the nut bags were good. Sometimes those can be a little dicey :p

utmommy said...

Cute boots! I love them!

Little buckaroo is so cute and tiny.

Amy said...

Looks like it was a great shower. The food looked delicious.

I love that your Spunky one really thought that the baby was a rat. Tell her that I am a dragon.

SweetPea said...

Can I just say that I LOVE the labels you're oldest did? That is seriously so cute. And I too, am glad to hear that lil' buckaroo is not a rat. :)

Ashley said...

It looks like you guys had a fun shower. Im sad I missed out! He is so cute. It makes me kinda sad that my baby isn't that small anymore.(only for a min) I wish I was in the blogger picture! The story of the rat cracks me up! You have such cute girls!

Gabriela said...

Nut bags-LOL.

Looks like a fun party-Love the labels-something Margarita would do. :)

Congrats again to your sister and her new little family!

Chel said...

So cute! So fun!
I love baby showers!
I hope she got a lot of everything she needs!

ryles said...

So cute!!


The shower..The little buckaroo..

And the labels..

and the rat comment!!

All so cute!!!