Happy Valentine's Day!

We don't need a day to tell each other how much we mean to each other, but I LOVE having an excuse to be able to dote on my family.

My husband has always done really well on Valentine's Day. I don't remember a year when I haven't received flowers, and even though I insist that I don't need them, he still brings them to me.

This morning started out with heart-shaped French toast. The girls each had new shirts with hearts on them. DH is so wonderful to our girls and when they came downstairs after getting ready, he had flowers for them as well! They are going to have a hard time finding husbands that treat them as well as their daddy does!

This is where I get to hugely brag on my husband. I get so tired of packing around my big camera and I have been coveting a point and shoot for a while. Dh remembered and bought me a little point and shoot. It was all wrapped in red and waiting for me by my flowers...how great is he!

We have lots of other fun things to do today. Heart-shaped pizza for dinner, pink heart shaped breadsticks, sugar cookies to decorate, The Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Pie to eat. Valentine's buckets to doorbell ditch for our kids.

It's what day?

You and all of these celebrations. I am just plain exhausted!!!

Have I ever mentioned that we had our first kiss on Valentine's Day? I love that. Here is a shot from that day. Back when I was skinny and DH hadn't receeded. Aren't we so cute!

Have a good Valentine's Day! I hope it is as filled with lots of love!

P.S. If you want to see my kids Valentines, head to the creative bloggy.


Chel said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

ellen said...

Sounds like a lovely day!

No Cool Story said...

Happy Valentine's!!! ♥

That pioneer woman makes me hungry. She takes really awesome picstures of her recipes.

Anyway, what cute girls and I love that picture of you and your husband :)
Have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great Valentine's Day. And your DH is such a sweetie to get flowers for you and the girls too. We are having heart shaped pizza too!

And that picture of you and DH brings back memories....some good, and some bad. You guys make the cutest couple.

Heidi said...

Love the picture! Don'y you look back so lovingly at what you used to be and still feel like hopefully more often then not.

Bilary said...

Happy Valentine's Day...

Maybe someday you can teach me to like it. I still think it should just be a kids holiday. I have lots of fun dong things for them, it just puts too much pressure on couples to be creative. That is what anniversaries are for, in my opinion.

I love the picture though!

Blackeyedsue said...

Chel...sounds like you love V-day as much as I do!

Ellen...Happy ♥ Day to you!

NCS...Um, yeah! I made her pie! I think I died and went to Heaven. A chocolatey, creamy, smooth Heaven.

Ity...I almost put the picture with all of us. Then I thought if your DH reads this, he may not appreciate it so much. Yay for heart pizza!

Heidi...I look at it and I still feel like the same person inside. Then I see a current picture. Sigh. The life of a skinny person in a fat person's body. ;)

Hil...I am so sorry your V-days have been so craptastic. Someday they will be better...someday. We aren't that creative, just gushy mushy.

Chel said...

okay.... when I got on here earlier all I saw was the first picture that said Happy Valentine's Day... now I see words and pictures.. how strange.

So I had to comment again to say CUTE!
The girls are adorable. I always do heart shaped pancakes and sandwiches.

It's so fun!
I love that you love VDay too.

Blackeyedsue said...

*giggle* Chel. I am updating it as our day rolls on. I don't think I am done yet! ;)

The Rookie said...

Such cute V-day shirts on those girlies!

And the retro-photo of you and the DH...hehehe, the sad news is that I go to church with a few girls that would Lo-o-oooove that red dress these days. Except maybe they'd be diggin' on more of a hunter green! :)

utmommy said...

Sounds like a great day!!

Happy Valentine's!

Ashley said...

Your girls are darling in their festive outfits! Sounds like you all got spoiled.

Love the photo of you and your DH! I don't see you often but thats exactly how I rememer you!

Alice said...

So cute. The girls look darling, and I am so impressed with your photoshop skills ;)