Happy Birthday Indian!!!

Today the Indian turns another year older! This year is a little different than any before. She is a new mommy and at the moment, a single mommy. Her husband is away on business. I don't want her to have a lonely birthday. So please go on over and wish her a happy birthday!

And just so you can get to know her a bit better...a photo montage

The Indian at a year. She LOVED that dress. She was an itty bitty baby and that dress fit her until she was four. I think she wore it at least four times a week.

I love my sister. She is who she is. She is fun and silly and just plain old GREAT!

The beginning of her grown up life...Graduation. Something I love about her...she LOVES those around her. It was her day and she still took time to be silly with her neice. She loves deep.

Going back to her roots. ;) She worked on a horse ranch after graduation. I remember her coming home with dreadlocks and loving that she had the guts to pull them off.

All grown up. She made a beautiful bride.

I think she is pretty cool.



Bilary said...

Nice little tribute! I love it. She was a beautiful bride. I love the horse picture too. Something very real about it.

You are a sweet sister to do this post for her. I will hop over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday!

Cowboy and Indian said...

Thank you so much!! It made me cry. I really feel loved, it's amazing that such a small things made my day the way this did. Thank you form the bottom of my heart. You're such a good sister. I love you!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know she had the same birthday as my little A. I will go to her blog and wish her a happy day.

Alice said...

Thanks for the tip. I love all the pictures. I need to see what kind of pictures I can come up with to share as well.

Amy said...

What a fun sister!

The Rookie said...

I loved seeing those pictures of the Spoonsy! She was SUCH a pretty bride. And a stinkin' cute little kid to boot.

ellen said...

Happy Birthday from Boston!

Chel said...

Happy Birthday!!

She seems like a great person and sister-- just like you!