Add Another Sister To Our Ranks!

I have been *WAITING* for my OTHER sister to post more than once so that I know she is serious about blogging. Today I am SO excited! She has a full-functioning bloggy. I am so proud! (I think I did a little dance!)

This is her second time around, so go over and give her some bloggy love. Maybe if she feels it, she will stay! And I want to see more of that darling little girl of hers.

I love you sis!


Chel said...

Very cool! Her baby girl is adorable and not too much older than Scarlet!

utmommy said...

I started my blog because of my sisters. Hope she enjoys it!

Anonymous said...

I have already stopped by. How fun that everyone in your family is starting to blog! We always like new converts.

Bilary said...

I already visited her blog! It is darling!

I love how the babysitter taught her baby to call the dog. Classic.

Lei said...



Liam's Mom - Gina said...

That is one cute neice you've got! Oh those crystal eyes!

P.S. I loved your "just thinking" post. You said it so well.