What's in your wallet?

I am taking Itybtyfrog's challenge. What is in your purse?

Alice had this on her bloggy a bit ago as well.

Now it is my turn to play.

I am a SLOB when it comes to my purse. I affectionately call it "the black hole" because things go in and rarely come out. I figured this is as good a time as any to clean house...and to be accountable. Sigh. The more you read about me...the less you may like me.

In my purse is the following:
-My wallet...so I can transfer it from my purse to my diaper bag
-A notepad
-A notebook
-Three blue pens
-One purple pen
-Three stray receipts, Wal-Mart, Target and Joann's
-Sweeney Todd movie stub
-A purple comb
-A large clip
-A small clip
-A snap barrette
-Finger nail clippers
-A rose brain squeezer
-Three packs of Stride gum
-Two box tops
-Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in Cherry Blossom
-A pink gingham ribbon
-Two breast pads
-Package of Kleenex
-$.80 in change..three quarters and a nickle
-My MP3 player
-Two tampons (just in case...postpartum and all)
-A baggie
-Pressed powder
-Mary Kay Cream and Sugar lip gloss

I had better go and put only half of it back in...I am switching it to my red purse. HA!

It's your turn!

Day 22


Bilary said...

I love it! Now all you need is pepper spray! Do you ever feel like Mary Poppins?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny what we pack around. I think I might actually need a few more of those things in mine!

JD said...

I think I will pass on this challenge due to the fact I don't even know where my purse happens to be.

Larsens said...

Holy cow! And I thought I carried a lot of stuff. WHY, WHY is it that men can get away with carrying a tiny clip with money attached to it, and a tiny little wallet type thing that has the credit cards in it. Where is the other stuff they need? I'll tell you...look at their car's interior. You will find everything and the few lost fries as well.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I don't even carry a purse anymore! It should be... what's in my pockets. Or worse- in my car!

Oh, and as soon as I feel up to it, I'm emailing you the brussels sprout recipe!


No Cool Story said...

WOW!! Notepad, notebook and 4 pens. Very well prepared.

I did this last year. Maybe I'll do a "year after" comparison.

ryles said...

May as ask what a "Rose Brain Squeezer" is???????????

Sabra said...

My husband is always facinated by my bag, as well. Bag, not purse, around here. I want a purse, but I never seem to justify the purchase of one. And yes, I am having a baby. You may not have known b/c we only recently let it be known. And your new baby is ADORABLE!!! very much so.

ellen said...

What on earth is a rose brain squeezer?

Blackeyedsue said...

A rose brain squeezer is a baby headband made of stretchy lace that has a rose attached to it. I should call it a headband, but when you take them off, thet look like they have been squeezing the baby's brains out.

Hence...brain squeezer.