The Second World Blog War

Over on Chaos' blog, she is having some severe post-tramatic stress after the vigors of war that have taken place on some blogs (mine included).To cope, she has declared her own bloggy war. On myself, and several other bloggers to whom she is close.

To be totally honest here, I miss having to blog every day...yes, I still blogged, but without a goal in sight. I need the competition.

So again, I accept your challenge. And your challenge to invite others.

In the realm of this battle, we have actual rules. RULES! Yay! There is order to my chaos again! I have a thing for rules.


*Only three posts per week are required (more is altogether acceptable)

*Length need not be specified

*Anyone can join at anytime....but if you stop...you will be teased endlessly by all subscribers! :)

*Privacy is of the utmost importance. (No names, locations, schools, etc.)

Monthly awards will be voted upon for - content, creativity, and over-all interest level.

*Have fun!

I hearby declare war on everyone on her list and:


Now, if it seems I have left your name off the list, it is because I have a very small life and many of my blogging friends know each other. I have to leave room for them to all tag each other.

However, if you somehow gets skipped (which I can assure everyone, there was no ill-intent meant) and you want to play along, please let me know in the comments or hit join in the code in the upper right hand corner. I am trying to figure out the whole "blog ring" thing. If it works, then fantastic, if not, I am sorry.


Amber said...

I'm SO in! It's on sista!

Chel said...

I'm in chica-- I'll be calling a bloggy war out on my blog too! So forgive me if I copy you-- and let me know if that's okay :)

I love it when you post-- so glad you are doing this.

Andrea said...

Yea! I really enjoy your wit and style of writing. The best of luck to all of you in the "war".

Anonymous said...

Yah! I am glad you are in battle mode again. I will take your up your battle cry and participate in this war (I need to, I have a huge list of things I need to post about.) Let the wars begin.

JD said...

i'm back baby!!you are going down. And I am not even offended that I'm not on your list!! LOL