Remember Monica's Closet?

If you were a product of the 90's then you probably do. I was an avid "Friends" fan. I laughed with them, cried with them and for a while I even sported the "Rachel". If you were a fan, you know the hairdo of which I speak.

Now, think back. Do you remember the episode where Chandler broke into her closet? It was a closet that no one had ever seen open. Ever. Behind that door was a closet stuffed so full that you could not possibly fit one more thing.
Monica was neat freak and had this one dirty little secret.

Okay friends, not that I am a neat freak. At. All. Probably quite the opposite. I am a perfectionist. They are quite different you know. A neat freak is born that way. They have this inner ability to keep things tidy. They clean up as they go. HA! That is so not me. Although I do have places for all of my piles of junk. But I digress. One of the trademarks of a perfectionist is the "all-or-nothing" phenomenon. That describes me perfectly. My house is either totally spotless or it looks like a tornado hit. One or the other. There is no in between. One of my defining characteristics is if it is worth doing, it is worth doing all the way, or why bother.

Today my home is clean. Almost spotless. However, I have my one "dirty little secret." My friend and I have discussed this part of our house many, many times. I know that if I spent 15 minutes a day cleaning this part of my house, it would never reach disaster level proportions the way it is today. Now, to my credit, I have a newborn and I was laid up the week of Christmas and I received the rest of the "Twilight" series for Christmas...a girl has to have priorities. I am ashamed. So ashamed. How could this happen?
Are you ready to see?

Are you sure?

Okay. Enter at your own risk.

You can still turn back. No, okay. Proceed with caution.

Boy are you stubborn. Don't say you weren't warned.

Cue the JAWS soundtrack.





All of that wailing? That is me. Boy, that was scary. I wasn't about to look in there without all of my friends standing behind me for support. I could pass out you know. Or some monster or creature could have jumped out and grabbed me.

Wanna guess what today's project is? Go on, Guess.

So share with me. What is your dirty little secret? Surely I am not alone in my humiliation.

Day 4


Bilary said...

Okay Steph,
If that is the worst spot in your house, you put me to shame. Wanna see my pantry? TOO BAD! I'd be humiliated! And my closet, we won't even go there. Give yourself some credit! And you CAN ALWAYS use the "I have a newborn" excuse! I say you can use that excuse until they are one, and then after that you can use the "I have a toddler" excuse, and so on....

brewcrew5 said...

OK, I know for a fact this is not you. But I am right with you when you say all or nothing. I feel the same way about how easy it may be to leave something like this when it is behind closed doors. Who will ever see it right.

Char said...

I, too, had the Rachel.

My spots are: my pantry, my food storage bunker in the basement, and my master closet.

JD said...

OH man I will take pictures after i have cleaned for a month:)

My closet is packed pretty full and I need to find more room.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks pretty clean to me! I have too many places like that in my house to list

Chel said...

I'd consider myself more of a perfectionist too. At least you're able to picture it... I probably wouldn't! :)
You have a lot of excuses, but they aren't really excuses... they are VALID, UNDERSTANDABLE reasons why your pantry isn't tip-top right now. :) And it's totally okay... and since we all know you are a perfectionist, it's great to see an unperfect thing... makes me feel a little better about myself! lol

You Rock. Hold that baby tight. Babies don't keep, but the dust will be there tomorrow.

Nettie said...

What? That's IT?! I must say, after all that great suspense building I expected a bit more mess than that. Heck, that's how my pantry looks on a GOOD day. I would show you my basement and garage, but I am sure that they would terrify you and your delicate sense of disarray!

Jeremy said...

Okay Sweeps, you know about my hedonism problem, particularly when it comes to candy. But when was the last time you looked in the trunk of my car? Yeah. Cue the jaws music.

Mel said...

What? I don't see a mess;)

The Rookie said...

One day I'll post about my classroom. It comes off as sorta clean, but the semi-neatly stacked piles of papers are soooo just random papers I either don't want to file or don't know what to do with, the "filing cabinets"...not exactly alphabetical order, and my bookshelves. Let's just say that when you have 170 kids passing through your classroom pulling and replacing books you just give up.

Alice said...

You are too funny! I must admit I was prepared for something far worse ;)

We have two places in our house. One is lovingly referred to as the "stinky" closet (an explanation for some other day) and the other is a random extra closet with all the things in it we have no idea what to do with. In the beginning they were both pretty organized. Now...not so much. I am grateful we can just shut the door :)

Miss Millie said...

I was browsing and found your blog. I have one thing to ask. Will you come to my house and do my closets? Please? I can beg!

Your family is lovely and so is your pantry. :)