I am not alone.

The Spunky One can't have chocolate either.

She has an infection and the doctor says she can't have caffiene or chocolate.

I feel bad about her infection.

But I did a dance when I found out I am no longer alone in my suffering.

I am now 14 days without chocolate. They lie when they say it gets easier.

This looked so Squish-a-licious today,

I might eat her instead.

Day 15


The Rookie said...

I am in love with that bow. But it isn't half as cute as little squishy.

Mel said...

She is beautiful!

I hope the infection clears up soon.

Alice said...

She is so cute! My little sis saw your post before I did and told me how cute she is today. Love the bow!

Sorry about the chocolate. You can do it! The good news, this will end one day. Sorry that day feels so far away :(

JD said...

That is just one cute squishy!!

No Cool Story said...

Both pictures are adorable!

Miss Millie said...

SOOO precious. And I just loved the portrait from primary. I'm very envious, I must say.

I've been wondering what the numbesr represented after each post. NOW I KNOW!! ahhhhh best of luck. It's hard, isn't it???

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I see a bit of Spunky in that second shot! DARLING sweet baby girl!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable! What kind of infection is that? I want to make sure I never get it. Sorry about the no chocolate!

Goat Girl said...

She is gorgeous!!!!

Heidi said...

oh, my have I missed a lot on my break...congrats... she's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are doing a no sugar diet right now and are on day 9 so I hear ya....have you tried carob chips, I no they're not as good but an ok substitute!! Good luck!!!

Jamie said...

So cute!!