Girl Drama

It's starting.

The drama.

Almost every day last week, the Princess came home with a story about someone who had "a mean face" or "someone said something with a mean voice" or "someone said something mean" or "someone played with someone else".

I tried to be sympathetic. I was sympathetic. I tried to be understanding. I was understanding.

And then I reached the end of my quickly fraying rope.

And I said "Princess, are people really that mean to you? Or are you just too damn sensitive."

To which she replied "I am just too damn sensitive."

It's genetic.

The End.

Day 19


ellen said...

You're in for a ride with three girls! :)

Anonymous said...

Funny! I have heard that 2nd grade is when it all begins. My not so little M is sure quick to start crying these days. She is driving me nuts.

Tori :) said...

Looking back I now pity my poor dad with 3 teenage girls...

Bilary said...

I still think we should give girls boxing gloves, put them in a padded room, and let them duke it out like boys! Can't you just see them in there giggling at the thought of punching their friend in the face? That would solve everything.

Alice said...

That is so funny. I am sensitive too Princess :). I grew up in a house with three girls and this truly is only the beginning of the drama.

Some how we all survived though. Drama and all.