Hello Love.

I know it's been a while. I am like that boy you go on a date with that says he will call and then he never does. Sigh.

I have taken a sabbatical from the computer. For me, a week is an eternity. During that time I have...

Made a Thanksgiving feast on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We spent the day with family and that makes for very few leftovers, so today I put the turkey in the oven right after Little Squishy woke me up. Mmmmm. I do have to say that pulling the neck out of the bird still hits my gag reflex. It was all made up for when I put this FANTASTIC concoction in my mouth.

And to prove that my family really does eat normal food, here is our Thanksgiving dinner in all of its non-formal, hodge podge, Mommy-was-too-tired-to-put-the-food-in-pretty-dishes glory. Oh, and I would have taken the picture BEFORE we ate...but you know how it goes for the cook!

Thanksgiving Yumminess

On the actual day of Thanksgiving, the kidlets enjoyed some time with their cousins, Bug and her new brother, who happens to be older than Little Squishy by approximately 30 hours.

The Girls and Bug

Little Squishy and Baby Brother

By the way, this is what we all want to do after gorging our faces...Roll around on the floor in our princess pajamas until we have fully digested.

The Pea delightfully rolling around

We have also found out why the Princess refuses to smile in pictures. She wants to look like the Mona Lisa in her pictures. DH and I looked back at pictures as far back as two years ago. Apparently, this has been a complex for some time. Look at the above picture. No teeth. Not a hint of a real smile. Go figure. Today I told her that at least once in her lifetime I would like to remember her as "The Princess" and not the mini-Mona Lisa. This is what I got.

Smarty Pants.

And while the rest of the world was out Facing the cold on Black Friday, the girls and I stayed home and put up Christmas in our jammies. I am cool like that.

2007 Christmas Tree

And just because she hasn't made a showing in like, two paragraphs, here is a picture of that Little Squishy all dolled up for church. Except it was taken at around 6:30pm...we have been out of church for quite some time.

Little Squishy

Have a good day all!


The Lazy Organizer said...

Very good job mom. Beautiful kids and yummy food. I drug my tree up from the basement on Friday but looking at the ugliness of all my ornaments made me sick to my stomach so I think I'm going to have an undecorated tree this year.

JD said...

The food looks great!! Happy Holidays!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I did the exact same recipe for my yams this year! I loved it so so much! My boys don't like pecans, so we did cashews on top! YUM!

Your girls are so beautiful! Great work getting the Christmas tree up already. I need to go find one first.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

What gorgeous babies! :)

Anonymous said...

Those sweet potatoes sound delicious. I love all the pictures on that website. Way to go setting up your Christmas tree...it looks great. I love the pictures of little squishy...I am so jealous she has enough hair to put in a bow!

Gabriela said...

Those dishes looked pretty nice to me-my table is usually covered with pots and pans!

Little Squishy is so cute! Little Brother is pretty adorable too.

Suzanne said...

Your little girls are just precious and your Thanksgiving dinner looks yummy! :)

Paula said...

I have not been herefor a LONG time.
Congrats on your new baby and nephew. How fun that they are two days apart.

Your girls are beautiful. I do have a non-smiler too. Pulling teeth to get a smile.

BTW~How did you get that pretty pick bow in your daughters hair? I have a 11 week old and would love to put a bow in her hair?