Meet the newest little girl in our family.

Did I make you look?

I thought so. I am still pregnant. Hopefully at least six weeks left and no more than eight for me. However because I love the current little girls and their daddy and I are obviously gluttons for punishment, we bought them a little friend. I wanted to potty train her before the baby came. My kids have been begging since our sweet Dusty passed away. I was raised with dogs and I am one that thinks kids need the responsibilty and the companionship of a dog. So far they have embraced the pretty pooch.

Don't tell my kids, but I think she loves me best. That is why she let me put the bow in her hair. Did you expect anything else from the mommy who loves to do hair?

Welcome to the family Rosie!


Anonymous said...

Rosie is adorable!!! And a cute name too. Love the hair bow.

No Cool Story said...

OMGosh. So just yesterday I thought about your dog (couldn’t remember his name) passing away.
She's a cutie! Congrats.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Rosie? Did you name your dog after Rosie O'Donnell??!!!?

Your dog is way cuter.

Olivia said...

Rosie is adorable! i love the bow. Every girl needs to have pretties!