A to Z meme

I am taking this from Millie. I am really boring lately and I have nothing to blog about...unless you want me to tell you the story of my sister on Saturday and her violent, raging hormones and the car she keyed.

ACCENT: I sound like I am from Utah, but my mom never let me speak like a "Utahan". I don't drop my T's from words like Mountain. I say "pillow" not "pellow" and "milk" instead of "melk".



DOG OR CAT: Dog. My sister is going to breed her sweet puppy and we will get to have one of it's puppies. I am so excited! I miss our little dog so much!


FAVORITE COLOGNE: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker and Moonlight Path and Cherry Blossom by Bath and Body Works. Oh, and Contradiction by Calvin Klein.

GOLD OR SILVER: Gold, I look terrible in silver.


INSOMNIA: Nope. I am a rock. As soon as my head hits the pillow you had better not try to wake me up for 8 solid hours, because it just wouldn't happen.


KIDS: Two girls

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Five bedroom, 3 1/2 bath two-story home.

MOST ADMIRABLE TRAIT: The one I like the most in other people is honesty and forgiveness. In myself I think it is that I have the ability to forgive and move past things.

NAUGHTIEST CHILDHOOD BEHAVIOR: I was a pretty good kid, but when I was two, my mom says I got it all out of me in one day. I finger painted in the carpet with dry Cream of Wheat, while my mom was cleaning that up, I shampooed the carpet with my shampoo. While she was cleaning that up, I smeared Mentholatum over the little girl she babysat and myself.

OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: I stayed in the hospital when I had both girls and when I was four. We had been broadsided by a drunk driver and I had quite the hospital stay.

PHOBIAS: I am deathly afraid of guns. I cannot touch one without freaking out. I really, really, really dislike rodents of any kind. That includes raccoons and rabbits.

RELIGION: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)

SIBLINGS: The oldest of four. Two sisters and one brother


UNUSUAL TALENT OR SKILL: I can twist my tongue around. I can do Elvis lips and I speed-read and retain what I read. This talent came in really handy when I was in high school and college and I had procrastinated. I once read the DaVinci code in four hours

VEGETABLE I REFUSE TO EAT: Beets. ULGHHH!!! Funny though...I love all other veggies.

WORST HABIT: Biting my nails. Seriously, I am almost thirty and I still rip them off with my teeth. I am sure Freud would have a lot to say about that.

X-RAYS: The last one I had was on my knee. They wanted to make sure I hadn't broken my patella. I had patellar bursitis or housemaids knee. The one before that was on my back when they found my herniated disk.

YUMMY STUFF I COOK: Rolls, soups, pasta anything, crock pot dinners. I am a pretty good cook....just don't ask me to make chocolate chip cookies. I couldn't make a good one if my life depended on it!

ZOO ANIMAL I LIKE MOST: I love those funny little monkeys that swing around and play like they are little kids.


Suzanne said...

Fun Meme! I can't stand beets either, but I also like all other vegetables, like you. :D

No Cool Story said...

The 3 of us don't like beets.

Naughtiest childhood behavior: wowzers!, tha was pretty naughty.

Worse habit: I bite my nails too
:( it's so sad, my Fashionista is 13 and she has beauttiful, strong, long nails. While her mom has this horrible immature looking nails.

Nicole said...

How about Bu-uns for buttons. I lived in Utah for about 6 months and I came back to Texas saying bu-uns for buttons. It drove my parents insane!!!

I am trying to get my 7 year old to quit biting her fingernails. So this doesn't give me much hope. UGH!!!

Dawnyel said...

I want to hear the story about your sister...you've got me intrigued!!
Love this meme...it's so much fun!! :)

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

My dad paid me a dollar for each nail that I stopped biting. It worked. As a kid, 10 bucks was a lot of money. So I stopped and what do you know, I have good looking nails!

Loved this post! Learned much about you! I have posted my list on ginamama.blogspot.com

itybtyfrog said...

Fun meme!! I want to know what you cook in the crockpot...I need some new fun recipes. I learned a few new things about you too.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

My nails break. Waaaaaa!

Your mom having to clean up one mess after another made me crack up. It shouldn't have, but it did. :)

Tori :) said...

So, do you say LEG or LAGE? And measure instead of MA-sure? I leave my Ts out of words too, but I say things like din'it, wun'it, cun'it= Didn't, Wouldn't, Couldn't. My hubby makes fun of me. I can't help it!!
I bite my nails AND the cuticles. I'm so gross!!
I did this meme too!

utmommy said...

I learned a lot of things about of you! I would love some crock-pot recipes.

Anonymous said...

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