My Favorite Ornament

We have a tradition that we started when we went on our first trip after our honeymoon. We started to buy a Christmas ornament wherever we went. There are a couple on here that weren't purchased on a trip, but they have meaning. The violin we bought our first Christmas we were married. My mom gave us the Logan Temple for our Christmas Eve gift for our first Christmas and my husband gave me the Boyd's Bear that appropriately says "Queen of the Universe" around the bottom.

Enjoy! Visit others at No Cool Story's to see their favorite ornaments.

Star from Hawaii
Mickey from Disneyland
The White House from Washington D.C.
Violin from our first Christmas together
My first Christmas gift from J
The Logan Temple...where we were married...a gift from my mom
A bronze bell from China


itybtyfrog said...

What fun ornaments. I love the one from Hawaii. I need to start doing ornaments with my kids...add that to the list of things to do!

Julie said...

Have you been to China?
We were married in the Logan Temple too.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

We have a tradition too where we buy a new ornament everytime we have to go to the Dollar Store to buy emergency super glue to fix our old ornaments. Each one is special and unique though. The King Dollar ones shine with a greater quality than the inferior Dollar General cheapos.

I LOVE your ornaments, Steph! Especially Logan because we have a son named Logan Nephi, and church people automatically assumed that it was a homage to the Logan Temple. (it wasn't. It's a nod to my husband's love of The Wolverine.)

Anonymous said...

Buying an ornament on every trip- what a neat tradition. I think I shall copy it. :)
Great ornaments! I just bought a Provo Temple one- in honor of where we were sealed.

No Cool Story said...

:) Great tradition and beautiful ornaments, I specially like the White House, Logan Temple and that bell from China, awesome!

Thanks for the linky Steph

Suzanne said...

It looks like your Christmas tree is filled with wonderful memories! I've still got to get our tree up...

EmLouisa said...

Fun Ornaments! I love that you buy them on vacations. What a great idea!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I have a Logan temple on my tree too! We're ornament twins! :)

Great pictures - we might have to steal your "buy ornaments on trips" idea.

Jane said...

I have that star one too-- They make them in the Marshall Island (where we adopted Coleman) I love it! Cute tree--- we're putting ours up today.