Two Weeks...One Post

Okay, I know it has been forever since I have posted and commented. Blogger says I have disabled cookies. Come on. I know that I am no Mrs. Fields, but to call my cookies disabled. Rude! I have read most everyone’s posts and I have all sorts of things I want to say on them, alas, I haven't been able too. There are still some blogs that for some reason I still can't comment on(Lori, Stephanie, Dee...I am so sorry!). Stinking blogger! Although, my house has never been cleaner!

M started school,

celebrated her sixth birthday

and had her first "friends" birthday party. All in the two weeks.

She is growing up so fast. She is so smart and kind and so full of love. She can't stand injustice. Everyday she comes home from school and tells me how sad she is that someone said something mean to someone else. She really has a kind soul. She walks to and from school now and she comes home absolutely exhausted. She eats better than she ever has before. Dang, I love that kid.

Oh and for those of you that wanted to see the pink boots...here you go. Cute, huh?

Since school is now in session, I am having so much fun coming up with new hairdoos. M has obliged to let me take pictures over and over again. Our new "thing" is braids where one strand is a ribbon. The other "new" thing we are doing is tying her pigtails into knots (secured with bobby pins). Also are experiments with buns. Making them "flippy" and such. She loves flowers in her hair and I had a fun "craft-urge" about a week ago and finally put all of those fake flowers to use and made a bunch of flower barrettes for my kids hair. Here are pictures for you

We have a new favorite here in the FBOFW household. We call them Cinni-Minis. I have made these about four times in the past two weeks. My family can't get enough.
It has to be one of the best self-esteem builders when your family praises you over and over about something you made. Maybe that is why I keep making them.

1 cup milk, scalded
1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted
3 eggs, well beaten
3 1/2-4 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon rapid rise yeast
3/4 teaspoon salt
Cinnamon/sugar mixture

Heat milk, then add butter. Add eggs. Add sugar and mix. Add yeast and let grow. Add flour and salt. Let mix for 7 minutes adding flour as needed. Put into a greased bowl and let rise for an hour or so.

Punch down dough. Allow the dough to rest for about five minutes. Roll out into a rectangle. Liberally sprinkle cinnamon sugar mixture onto dough. Cut rectangle in half with a pizza cutter. Roll up each side. Cut into 1-inch segments. Place on a jelly-roll pan lined with parchment. Allow to rise. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until lightly browned.

While you are cooking the rolls, make the icing.

2 tbsp melted butter
2 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
3 tbsp or so of milk

Mix together and add milk until you get the desired consistency. Drizzle over hot rolls. YUM!

You can also use this recipe to make fabulous dinner rolls. Just reduce the original roll recipe by about a tablespoon of sugar and roll out into your favorite roll shape. We like crescent rolls at this house.

This is what I get to look at and wear for the next three weeks.
My knee came down with a case of Prepatellar Bursitis. I have to ice it and take a ton of anti-inflammatories. In three weeks if it hasn't stopped popping and locking every time I move it, I have to have it drained and get a shot of corticosteriod medication in it. In the meantime, I get to stare at a round ball of knee fat and remember the days when I didn't have to coordinate outfits around royal blue. I am NOT complaining. The doctor told me that my husband has to mop the floor for the next month. :)

I hope all is well. I have A LOT of blogs to catch up on now that my cookies are no longer disabled...thanks DH! That cute man of mine is even giving me the night off of cooking and taking us out on a picnic. He gets a gold star today!


Julie said...

Yeah! I'm the first. Love the pink cowboy boots! I just bought matching hot pink boots for my girls along with hats with sparkly tiaras on the front.
The hair is beautiful. I am so going to make some flower clips (and cini-minis).
What's up with the bunk knee? Take it easy. Hope you get feeling better soon.

abc momma said...

How did you hurt your knee? Is it just some fluke? Does that band come in other colors? I bet you could find some crafty way to make it look pretty.

Nikkie said...

Okay, those cini-minis sound just delicious. I'm glad that your hubby fixed your cookies! Hope your knee doesn't heal too fast so he can continue to mop!

No Cool Story said...

I love "flippy" hairdos. Those pictures are so cute.
The pink boots are great.

Those cini-minis look sooo good. I might attempt to make them (yeast and I are no longer talking to each other).
Ouch and sorry about your knee. Your Dh definitely deserves a star and a medal, how sweet is that?

Tori :) said...

So glad you're back!! I've been wondering where you've been!

aquamarine said...

Hurray! So glad to see you back. Also thanks for getting that info to me! I love those hair do and barretts. My dh asked me if Santa would put some bows and such in her stocking this year and how fun to get flower ones too. THanks for the idea.

About those rolls, I almost licked my screen. ;)

And were did you get those boots? (My 6 year old dh, about died when she saw those.)

I hope your knee gets feeling better! What a bummer.

Sketchy said...

Welcome back! Well not that you were gone too long...

Those cini-minis look yummy! Maybe I will have to get over my "no baking" phase.

Your dd is so cute too! Love the Princess Party! And how lucky are you that she will let you do such cute things to her hair! My daughter gave up everything hair related in kindergarten, "I just like it straight Mom." Punk! lol

Char said...

Yay! You're back! My #1 just got some cowboy boots, too...hers are boring brown, though. Also, I have a bum right knee. ***cue Twilight Zone music*** Add this to the fact that we have the same cabinets and the same bricks.....just sayin'....

beth said...

You're back! Blogger really has been bad lately. It keeps showing people my old posts and not the new ones.

All of these pictures are great. Sometimes I wish I could do girl hair. And the friend party looked like fun.

Those cinnie minis - they look great, but I just don't know if I have it in me...

Dawnyel said...

WHOA! You have been busy!! I am SO untalented when it comes to little girl hair...I would show you, but then I'd have to hide my face for the rest of the year!
I hope your knee gets better soon...although...not too soon that you have to start mopping again! :)

Jamie said...

Your daughter is sweet and gorgeous, hope mine grows up to be just like her. :)

Amanda said...

Wow and double wow! The hair is way cute, I have three little girls and I am hair impaired. Poor things!

Those cinni minis look absolutely divine! I am salivating even as we speak, or type or...well you know what I mean.

Sorry about your knee, hope it feels better soon. After the floor gets mopped a few times though. ;)

ellen said...

I was going to ask for the recipe so thanks for including it!

I'm glad you're back!

The Lazy Organizer said...

I always love blogs with lots of photos!

I haven't eaten sugar in over 3 weeks. How rude of you to post that picture and the recipe!!! I thought we were friends!

I'm jealous. My daughter must do her own hair. I'm barely allowed to touch it on Sunday's.

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

They are so adorable - the boots look awesome (do they have those in a women's size 7, I wonder...?) & I'm craving a cinimini.

Good to have you back!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Seriously, Bella needs to see this post and see what she's missing - I NEVER get to do her hair. I'm glad I still have Roz left. Love the pink boots!

The cini-minis are totally cute but I have to admit that I broke down in frightened sobs when I saw that I had to scald milk.

Sorry about your knee... I think you should hot-glue flowers on it or put on some eyelet lace with the holes in it and string ribbon through it. That'll "girl" it up.

Nettie said...

Wow, you've been busy! If it had been your elbow instead of your knee, I would have known exactly the reason. Holy fancy hairdo's! What will you do when they go to the prom?

Your daughter sounds so sweet. Too bad we don't live closer. She sounds like just the friend I like my 6 yr old to have. But, wait, she'd look totally ragamuffin in her plain hair in comparison. Maybe its better for my ego to keep them separated. *Sigh*

Hope you feel better soon! (Oh, and I tagged you for a meme.)

Sketchy said...

OK question from a nonbread maker how long is the period between "add yeast, let grow" -- how do I know if these little mini's are full grown...will they start talking back? Or is that the adolescent stage?

ShelahBooksIt said...

Cute girls-- I love the hair, but can't show my dd these pictures because I am cosmetologically challenged. Sorry about the knee!

CHEL said...

Your daughter is beautiful... and I love the hair-do's! Makes me want a little girl of my own... someday.
Thanks for the recipe... It sounds wonderful. I can't wait for my fam to try it.
.. and one last thing... I hope you feel better soon... but a hubby helping you out and taking you on a picnic doesn't sound so bad either!!

Kristen said...

Ok, the hair? Adorable. I wish I was so creative with my girls' hair, but I'm lucky enough if I can get them to agree to sit down long enough to even comb it, let alone do those elaborate styles.

Sorry about the knee! Sounds horrible!! Hope it gets better soon. Great news about the mopping, though! :-)

I will be trying those cini-minis! I know for a fact those will be a hit with my kids!

utmommy said...

I was wondering where you were. my girls have pink cowgirl boots, and they love them. You sure have been busy. I love the hairdos, and am sorry about the knee.

I haven't been able to comment on everyone's blog, and I can't figure out why. It's driving me crazy. Tips would be helpful, if you have any.

Gabriela said...

Sorry about your knee!

Cute boots!

Those cinnamon rolls look AWESOME.

Love the hair-do's, I'll have to show them to Margarita today. She still asks if you've posted any new ones lately!

Take care!

txmommy said...

okay, the hair bows are so cute! I have 5 daughters and I am hair impaired,that just seems wrong.

I am so trying the cini-minis, how delish. Thank you so much for putting the recipe up.

Carrie said...

It sounds like you have lots going on. Your daughter is gorgeous. She needs to have a serious talk with my 4-year-old about how fun it is to have your hair done and not look like cousin It or some sore of hairy monster. I love the pink boots and I am going to have to make those cinnamon rolls. They look so good. I am sorry about your knee. I hope you get feeling better soon.

Glass Half Full said...

Cute post on so many levels! First, how is your knee? (((HUGS)))

The photos are so beautiful of your daughter. Does time fly or what???

smartmama said...

what fun i have to enjoy girly stuff vicariously - have to try those cininminis--
sorry on the knee- i 've had knee sur 2x and was in pt last fall again for mine- yuck-

blogger is just crazy-- a few people have switched over to beta version- you can't post under those you have to post as other and just put your name- if you try under your name it eats your post-- it is pretty crazy at the moment- i haven't switched to the beta for that reason-

Bright One said...

Oh how I miss those days when I could do my girls' hair! Now that they're 24, 19, and 14 they figure they don't need me (or my hairdo's) so much! She is adorable and the boots are too. I have to thank you for the cini-mini recipe as the 14 year old LOVES them when she can talk me into breakfast at Burger King (not my idea of a great breakfast place)....now I can get em in my nightgown (would have freaked out the drive thru crew)!

Dawn said...

Cute hair-dos! Yummy looking rolls! Sorry about the knee! My hubby does the floors all the time - I'm lucky.

Glad you're back and those cookies are abled again!

Cmommy said...

Stephanie, ouch! Praying for strength and healing.

The rolls look yummy, your little girl is precious, I want pink boots.


Stephanie said...

So in response to the questions:

-My knee condition is also known as "Housemaids Knee" referring to maids in the old days that would injure their knees due to mopping the floors on the hands and knees. I guess all of those Mondays mopping on my hands and knees finally caught up with my knees.

-We got the boots at Wal-Mart. Sixteen bucks and they are the Barbie brand.

-Mil, scalding milk is easy! Just put it over heat until tiny bubbles form around the edges.

-I taught myself to make bread, so I don't know how "technical" this is. I know my yeast has grown when it goes from tiny little pieces to a swampy looking muddy mess. I think you can wait until it bubbles, but I worry that it will die if it gets that far. I could be so off base on this one. But I don't knock it if it works.

-There are about three more blogs that I still can't comment on. Blogger won't even give me a chance to post annonymously (sp? I am tired). If I haven't commented lately, it isn't for lack of reading.

Valarie said...

great update! I can't even get my own hair smooth, nice work getting hers to look so nice.

I hope your knee is better soon.

kate said...

i hope i hope i hope that my boy is as sensitive as your little girl.

i was all melty to read that!

she must be a sweetie.

and thanks for the recipe, too!

Rachelle said...

I love the pics! So cute! And I am totally making those ciniminis.

Gina said...

Gold star days for DH are always a good thing! Sorry you are having a rough time.

Your hair-do skills are awesome! I bet she is the cutest gal in school!

Thanks for the recipe!

Paula said...

LOVE the hair dos. So darling. Yummy on the mini rolls. I WILL be making those! I hope your knee feels better. Get you a swifter or clorox mop!! Your floor will still look great and give your knees a break!

APRIL said...

Thanks for the Cinni-Mini recipe! I've been thinking about cinnimon rolls lately and not wanting to ruin them, but that sounds pretty easy!

Also thanks for telling about your "Housemaids Knee." I guess I won't be cleaning my kitchen/ dining room floors for awhile.... :oD

Chappyswife said...

Hi! Thanks for the recipe! It sounds delicious. I hope your knee is getting better. :)

I love the little boots. The pictures of your daughter is darling. I so need a girl so that I can do all those hairdos! :) Glad you're back!

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