Wanna know what I did on Saturday night?

I sat outside and watched THIS happen:

"Overnight SWAT Standoff Ends Peacfully
---------------A SWAT standoff in ----------- ended peacefully early Sunday morning.

Police say a man was threatening to blow up his home at ------------if anyone tried to enter the building.

Authorities tell us the stand off began around 10 pm when police got a call from a man saying his neighbor, the suspect, was throwing things around.

When officers arrived the man barricaded himself inside the home and threatened to blow up the building.

Police evacuated the neighborhood. SWAT was called in and began negotiations with the man. The man cut off talks with officers and SWAT offered him an ultimatum.

**** *****, the Assistant Chief of ---------- police says, “We gave him 15 minutes and let him know that if he didn’t come out in 15 minutes we were prepared to launch tear gas into the home.”

The man came out a short time later and was arrested without incident. The standoff ended just before 3 a.m.

Police say the man was taken to the hospital for psychological evaluation. Authorities say he has a history of depression."

A quote from our local news website.

It's funny how news travels. I got a call from my SIL who lives in our neighborhood, who in turn got it from her friend. We turned on the news and there it was. I told my DH I was taking a walk.

I walked around the block and stopped at my friends house. She was outside in her front yard. We were soon joined by two families that were evacuated, the R.S. president, and various other neighbors. We could see the back of the house where the standoff was.

My friend pulled a television out of her house and put it on her front porch and put in a movie for all of the kids. We stood outside until 1:00 in the morning, during which time we heard the cops yell various things with their bullhorns. At one point they told him "Don't be alarmed, we are throwing a phone into your house." Then we heard glass breaking. They made all of the residents of the neighborhood turn off any and all outdoor lights. They had also cut off power to his house and they had shut the gas off. It was kind of eery seeing our neighborhood so dark.

A local news station was there and they attempted to interview our EQ pres. but he walked away as fast as he could to avoid them. I know they interviewed one of his next door neighbors.

The two evacuated families had made plans to go and stay with relatives, but then were told around 11:00 that it would be over soon, so the people they were going to stay with went to bed. The police told us that it would possibly not be over until 3:00. They said the man did something that changed their plans. So, my friend and I set up beds in our homes for them.

I am glad no one was hurt. Seriously glad. But can I tell you, standoffs ARE NOT the way they seem on T.V. --I was expecting "24."-- Besides the great conversation, it was a boring incident. I feel bad for the poor cop that was watching the back of the house. He stood there for hours with only the occasional car driving by to ask if they could go back home.

I think the highlight was when our R.S. president was on the lawn talking to us, and her car alarm went off.

What did you do on your Saturday night?


Brandi Ginn said...

Oh NO! Well I see, you had an eventful night too! :o)

I would hate to be evacuated because of someone else going a-wall.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Wow. I was at Applebee's with Bri, eating their appetizer sampler and a maple blondie sundae. Then I went home, read for 10 minutes and fell asleep.

Am I boring!

beth said...

Wow! I would say that's incredible but you make it clear it was actually pretty boring. We watched "V for Vendetta" ate ice cream and went to bed.

I love you, by the way. Bloglines is AWESOME. You were totally right - 2/3s the time.

Tori :) said...

My husband was on SWAT until he recently changed jobs. I HATED it. Even though most the time nothing major happened, it stressed the crap out of me! (Ok- that sounded gross...) Anyway- It's nice to read about SWAT things now and know my hubby wasn't in the middle of it. :) Very exciting indeed!

Valarie said...

that sounds better than most of my saturday nights.

We went to the drive in last night. We pigged out on junk food and Howie ran around while Cars was on, then we put him to sleep during the intermission and cuddled up for Pirates of the Carribean- family fun and date night in one.

Nikkie said...

Wow, that sounds like an event! I'm glad that the event was boring though, thats kind of a good thing!

I feel asleep watching CSI and was kind of annoyed by that. Its rare I fall asleep like that these days!

itybtyfrog said...

It may have been a little boring, but it sounds down right scary too! I am glad it all turned out okay.

Amber said...

Good gracious! Thankfully it was much quieter around here. Though our neighboring town (Boulder) is unbelievably bombarded with JonBonet MADNESS!!!!

smartmama said...

stayed up with teething baby reading one duck stuck a million times... man my life is dull

Dawn said...

Scary, though it turned out boring. We had an incident like that in our town recently, but not near to us. It ended peacefully, but the young man is in real trouble with the Marines. He was AWOL. Maybe he won't have to go back, which is probably what he wanted in the first place.

I watched a movie I taped (The Ron Clark Story - anybody watch it on TNT?) while I cleaned out a stash of "junk' that had been piling up for months. Unbelievable what I found in there! Some stuff I really needed and thought I'd lost.

Dawnyel said...

Most things aren't what they seem. I spent my Saturday coming home from my dad's company party. And then I was glued to my tv watching A&E's Flight 93. I know...I'm boring too! :)

Char said...

Wow! Drama, baby!

We, uh...I can't even remember. We were going to go to the drive in with Val but someone (hint: me) was dumb enough to give their children a punishment that involved not going to the drive in. Wait! I remembered! My brother stopped by briefly to use our computer to pay for some auction he won on Ebay. For some reason he was not amused when I suggested he use that same amount of money to get his own darn internet.

Michelle said...

Wow, all I did was clean, but I've had the SWAT team come to our house in full gear, it wasn't fun!

Michelle said...

I'm posting another just so you don't have the 13 comments!

Dee said...

WHOA -- Ok, not quite as exciting as yours!!! (see my blog) I was shampooing up spilled paint ALL day Saturday and into the night as well as a good portion of Sunday after church... and trying to paint a bedroom!!! :)

abc momma said...

I fell asleep on the couch with Cutie.

utmommy said...

I'm glad that didn't happen in my neighborhood. We had a very lazy Saturday. DH worked until late, my sisters were here so we just kind of bummed around. Oh yeah, we did a little yard work and I got attacked by mosquitos again. I HATE those things.

Pattie said...

Well, you certainly made a "boring" incident quite exciting!
We were at a local amusment park Saturday night riding rollercoasters and eating every junk food known to man.

FrogLegs said...

*giggle* it's a little amusing- since nothing hjappened. :) Our Saturday night was spent watching all 3 Dr Dolittle's :)

aquamarine said...

That is what I call the spice of life! Mine was a little yes spicy....we got ready for early morning church.

ShelahBooksIt said...

We watched South Park and played Dance Dance Revolution with some of Eddie's doctor friends. Yes, I am serious.

Chappyswife said...

Oh no, how scary!