A Little of This, a Little of That

Hello All!!!

Oh, how I missed you all! I had a very productive week and I got TONS done, but it is good to be back!

I am drawing a blogging blank today, so I thought I would share a little about my weekend.

I visited with Itybtyfrog on Thursday. It was so good to see her in person!!! She is such an amazing and talented woman. I look up to her so much!!! Everyone should have a friend as kind and graceous and beautiful as her!!! I am so lucky to have her as a friend!

I spent all day shopping with my mom and sisters in a nearby city. Before we headed out to spend all sorts of money on everything we never knew we needed, we went to a local celebrity's cooking class. Angel is AMAZING!!! She is cute and funny and her recipes are SO fun and easy! You don't need a gourmet kitchen to cook them. My mom called into her radio show and won (you would be AMAZED at the things my mom wins) a prize for her and a friend. She picked up my sisters, and knowing they would say no asked them if they wanted the prize. She asked me if I wanted to share the prize. I jumped up and down! YES! It was only a pink apron, but I am ALL about the pink, and ALL about the aprons! Hey, I never win anything, this was a good day for me. We went shopping and out to dinner and a wonderful Greek restaurant. When we looked at the menu, they had spelled Gyros as Yeeros. I was kind of confused and asked the girl why they spelled the name like that. She said the management was tired of people pronouncing it Gy-rows. The food was yummy. I have always known what a gyro is, now I know what a Yeero is.

Sunday I taught my cute little seven-turning-eight year old primary class. Our lesson was on Joseph and his brothers in Egypt. The concept was forgiveness (maybe that is why my situation with my friend is gnawing at me). They were so well-behaved, every one of them. We had class outside under two flowering crab-apple trees. It was so nice to have a change of scenerey for the kids. That night we ate at my parents. There is nothing like having mom's home-cooking. YUM! My husband was installing a new computer for them so we retreated to the backyard where my little girls went fishing in the pond with a net. It was such a pleasant evening until their neighbors obnoxious little boy started screaching over the fence at us. Oh well, every rose has its thorns.

I am off to read all of your fun-filled blogs and comment to my hearts content. Then it is cleaning-day Monday. Tomorrow is the Kindergarten Zoo field trip, stay tuned for pictures the animals, oops, I mean the kids.


Rachelle said...

That was a fun weekend wrap up. Great pics! And sorry about the one friend thing. It's so hard to put things behind permanently. Have a good Monday!

Nettie said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you've had so much fun. I agree about Itybtyfrog! I'm sorry about your friend. I'm wondering if seeing her brings you feelings of sadness and hurt. And you really didn't want to have those kinds of feelings while enjoying precious time with your husband! Maybe if you'd been doing regular shopping your heart would have felt much more open to talking to her. After all, you have before.

Gabriela said...

Glad you are back. I loved the pics. Especially the one of the little neighbor boy! Too funny.

I have a dad like your mom, he wins EVERYTHING! He has won, among MANY other things, a year's pass for him and a guest to a movie theater and two first class rount-trip airline tickets to anywhere in the world (my parents went to New Zealand).

I didn't get any of his luck. :(

itybtyfrog said...

You are too sweet...I am afraid I can't agree with you on all those nice things that you said about me, but thank you. Sorry about running into C******. I wouldn't have known what to do either. Glad you are back and blogging again.

Stephanie said...

I should clarify, she was only my friend during my junior year of high school. We started to drift apart after that. Itybtyfrog became my favorite, and still is. :)

Dawnyel said...

Forgiveness is a HARD thing for me too! I'm SOOOOO stubborn! I have been in a simular situation and it took me many years to get past the hurt feelings and forgive...but it was the BEST thing I've ever done! I know you already know about forgiveness...since you taught your kiddos in primary about it...but I think of forgiveness in relation to the atonement. If you were to hurt someone in the same way (maybe not...I don't think you're that kind of person) but you would like forgiveness. If you believe that Christ atoned for your sins, you have to know that he did the same for your friend. She may not ever change, but it's not for us to judge her! (Sorry I'm so long-winded with this topic...but I learned it the HARD way in February....if you back-read my blog you'll see my struggle!)

Kara Elmore said...

OH - I'm so glad to see you're back! So sad about your "friend". It's hard to forget - esp. when it was so hurtful. You're a good person though! I agree with Nettie on her view. I love the pics you took - esp. the boy peeking over the fence!

Stephanie said...

I think I agree with Nettie. I wasn't in the right frame of mind to deal with a toxic personality. I was enjoying my night. Had I not been on a date focusing on my sweetie, my heart probably would have been a lot more open to that. I think that a lot of times when I am not expecting something, I am just not equiped to handle it. I go home and think about a thousand things I should have said or done differently.

I don't really think of it as a matter of forgiveness. I forgave both of them a long time ago. I am actually grateful for that situation. I would never have met my DH or learned some pretty good life lessons. I am grateful I didn't marry him. He couldn't carry on an intelligent conversation...I would be extremely bored and stupid right now, and my kids wouldn't have those beautiful big lips. :)