TAG...I'm it!!

I've been tagged by my new friend Nettie. I get to share six weird things about myself. Where, oh where to start?!?!?!

1. I HAVE to dip my grilled cheese sandwiches in ketchup. It's been a habit since I had my very first grilled cheese sandwich. My grandma did it, she made my dad do it, he converted my mom and now I have passed this time-honored tradition to my children. Their future husbands are going to have to become dipping converts too.

2. My right leg is 1/2 inch longer than my left. I was in a car accident when I was little and it broke my leg in the growth center. The doctors thought that my leg wouldn't grow, but apparently it didn't want to stop.

3. Due to that same accident, I set off metal detectors at the airport. You see, I have six screws and a metal plate holding my right arm together. I can have no other metal on me and I still set those dang detectors off. Try explaining that every time you have to fly.

4. I refuse to use public bathrooms. I will hold it all day until I can get to a "trusted" bathroom. I don't know where this phobia came from but do you ever wonder how many strange behinds have sat on those things? Don't even get me started on the silverware at restaurants.

5. I can make a male peacock open his plumes. When I was little I tried to make the noise at the San Diego Zoo, Voila! It worked. I can still make the same call and make those beautiful feathers open up.

6. I remember the strangest facts about people, places and things. I was at the mall a couple of years ago and I ran into a girl that I knew in first grade! I went to school with her for one year and I remembered her. She on the other hand, had no clue who I was. I am sure she was thinking "What a freak! Who remembers kids from 20 years ago?!?" Her name was Farrah and she loved unicorns.

There you have it...My weirdness in a nutshell. I could make this go on and on, but then I would have NO blogging friends anymore. I would tag more, but I don't know that many bloggers yet.


Rachelle said...

Thanks for sharing these! I love to get to know people better through the meme's. And feel free to share more weirdness with us. It makes me feel a little less weird.

Dawnyel said...

Thanks for visiting my page. You sound like the kind of gal I'd get along with! I don't dip my grilled cheese sammies in ketchup tho...just chili or tomato soup!

Stephanie said...

We would ALL be friends!! Anyone up for cyber lunch?

Gabriela said...

Totally laughing about Farrah and her love of unicorns! I'll have to try dipping my grilled cheese, I like it dipped in tomato soup. Very, very cool about the peacock!

Nettie said...

You can get peacocks to open their feathers! That isn't weird, that is way cool. We had one hanging out with us at lunch at the zoo last week and I kept hoping, but he didn't. Next time I'll have to bring you along!

Bright One said...

Thanks for the visit and your comment on my site ....AND the "weird" list..... I share one with your other commentors .... grilled cheese ala tomato soup (I also dip grilled cheese in hot chocolate...gross but good). And the peacock thing....FABULOUS party trick. LOL! : )

Kara Elmore said...

YOU ARE HYSTERICAL - you METAL FREAK! :0) I love it all. And..call me crazy...but what is meme's???? Can't wait for more...I check it EVERY DAY!!!

Mama D said...

Yay ketchup!! I introduced my MIL to dipping. I couldn't believe she'd never done it! Thanks for stopping in!

smartmama said...

how could you forget a unicorn loving farrah??

Lei said...

1. I am so going to try that! Maybe it's because I am pg, but it sounds SO GOOD right now!
4. Same with my hubby!
5. We have a peacock farm at the end of our street... so you can make that cat call noise that is so freaking annoying?! ;)
6. I am the same way... in fact, I recognized a girl from elementary school recently at the pool. She was a gymnast and a good artist. Lol!

emlouisa said...

Okay, I'm LOVING the No Public Bathrooms thing. I will hold it forever too, except when I am pregnant. Can't do it!

I'm loving your blog!

itybtyfrog said...

I am always learning something new about you....you would think I would know it all by now!!! You need to learn the tricky art of "hovering" in public bathrooms. I can't stand the things either. If one of the girls needs to go while we are out I about freak out!! Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize!!!!

Jane said...

I loved your list! It makes me feel better about my weirdness. You and my dh would get along great, he has public bathroom issuses too. And you will never cathch him in a public swimming pool.

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